A Blast From The Past

I recently discovered https://taoofmac.com/

Though a random find on , I found it rather intriguing as a Millenial to find a bit of nostalgia from a techie from the era when tech was new.

If you check out his blog, do him a favor and peruse the older posts. I found some from 2003 on the intuitive kick-starter of a foldable dual touchscreen device that I thought would have made it into modern days, but read that it was $4,000 even back in those days!

Today, a device like that could be $200, maybe $300. Even an e-Ink design for low-battery usage would be an excellent piece of tech instead of an e-read because the device could open like a book, become its own screen protector, and use very little power. even a button on each side for forward and back would be great. But it never took off.

If you have some spare time and interest, check out his blog, it’s pretty interesting!

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Some other things you should check out is how much technology has changed in the mind of someone who has been in the technology sector since it was in its infancy. Some palm-pilots or pocket PCs, which are all too commonly known as just a “phone” these days, were seriously hardcore pieces of tech back then.

I remember fighting with my brother over who would inherit my Dad’s pocket PC as our first phone, even if it was used, back in 2010. It was either that or some oversized flip phone that didn’t make any sense in the hands of a teenager, but it was a Nokia that would win our hearts in the end.

The Nokia was a bulletproof phone and we played Snake in the back of the classroom like nobody’s business.

I even remember getting in trouble for playing solitaire on an old iPod with a scrollwheel, and that was new technology!

I digress, but give him a click or two and get a blast from the tech-past!

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