“Pack” has multiple meanings:

  • As a noun
    • A group of items packaged as a unit
    • A group of people or things
    • A group of animals, such as dogs, that live and/or hunt together
    • A complete set of playing cards, usually 52 in number
    • A small paper or cardboard package
  • As a verb
    • To place articles in (as for transportation or storage)
    • To cover or fill so as to prevent passage (as of air or water)
    • To fill a bag for a trip
    • To protect something

The word “pack” comes from a Germanic root that means “bundle”. 

The word “opus” has multiple meanings:

  • Work
    • A created work, especially a musical composition. In music, opus refers to a set of musical compositions, usually numbered in the order of publication. For example, Beethoven’s opus 61 is his violin concerto.
  • Puzzle
    • A puzzle that is difficult to solve.
  • Great work
    • A Latin phrase meaning “great work”. It is often used to describe an artist’s or author’s greatest work. For example, in Charlotte’s Web, Charlotte refers to her egg sac as her magnum opus, meaning “the finest thing she has ever made”.
  • An important piece of literature
    • A formal term for an important piece of literature, especially one that is on a large scale. 

PackOpus can have multiple meanings

Just like the name implies, a pack of opus can mean to have any number of things that are considered masterful or treasured.

I wanted to share things that I thought were interesting, things that I made or did that I considered great accomplishments or creations, and even things that I learned that I felt worth sharing. I didn’t want to be constrained by any one singular topic or niche.

It’s also kinda fun to say.

Who Am I

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